engagePRESS is the publishing imprint from engageLab, affiliated with the Centre for Communication and Society Studies and the Centre Algoritmi from University of Minho. We publish scholar, academic, scientific and artistic works under Open Source and Creative Commons licenses.

engagePRESS publications will focus on issues subjacent to the entire spectrum of interest for the Creative Technologies, from philosophical approaches to engineering applications. Topics are wide open, but not limited, as Entertainment, Digital Arts, Games, Play, Persuasion, Creativity, Interactivity, Design, Tangibles.

engagePRESS encourage and support authors to create, produce and publish ideas enveloped by supports and formats other than the book concept. We incite authors to design their ideas within approaches that take the culture of creative participation into account.

engagePRESS will publish works in English and Portuguese.

books to be released in the near future

1 - Jogar com Histórias de Damas, de Raquel Pinto (2011, Q4)

2 - Emovere, da Web2.0 para a Arte, de Carolina Oliveira (2011, Q4)

3 - Arte Conceptual para o videojogo João Sem Medo, de Liliana Rocha (2012, Q1)

4 - Processos Criativos na Publicidade Interativa, de Vinicius Mano (2012, Q1)

Mission and Aims of engagePRESS

a) Edit, select, and curate information relevant for the research community.
b) Help with the knowledge and technology transference from University to Society
c) Develop content to support the culture of creative participation.

engagePRESS welcomes any comments and suggestions: engagePress@engagelab.org