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emotional expressiveness of online writing

- Are online data on the blogosphere vehicle of meaning and emotiveness?

- Do they illustrate trends on the online and offline world?

- Can they be part of a digital artwork?

RSS feeds from the most important blogs according to Java et al. (2007)

21st century; huge flow of data shared in social networks, games, blogs, etc.

“Affective Norms of English Words” (Bradley & Lang, 1999)

Emotional analysis:
- calculation of emotional expressiveness of each feed within 6 possible emotional categories;
- identification of the main emotional category every hour;
- identification of the most frequent emotional word every hour;
- identification of the most intense/important word every hour;

emovere on:

11.12.2010 - 12.12.2010

28.01.2011 - 29.01.2011

Beyond emovere (News: 28.01.2011 - 29.01.2011):

Libraries: Traer Physics (Jeffrey Traer Bernstein), FeedReader (Pedro Branco)

Work under orientation:
Professor Pedro Branco
Professor Nelson Zagalo

:: 17th July, 2011