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Paper based Interaction for Storytelling

Paper Based Interaction for Storytelling, is a project,
that aims to engage children in creating stories, encouraging  their imagination, helping them to learn building logical sequences as well as develop new vocabulary. The current interface consists of a large format book and a set of picture cards that children can use to create their own stories.  The right-hand pages of the book are blank, as it is where the text of the story will be projected. The left-hand pages have 6 rectangular marks each, the marks have the same diameter as the picture cards, so that each card feats exactly over it, they are used to define and indicate where the cards have to be placed. Every picture card has only one element represent on it. At the moment the picture cards comprise only a reduced number of elements, such as: animals, toys, food, places, weather conditions and times of the day, in the future more series of cards will be developed.  The children can pick the cards, choosing the elements they like/need to create a story and place them on the book page, each card over a mark. When a card is placed on the mark it gives written and audio feedback according to the element drawn on it. For instance when the dog is placed it triggers the sound “dog”, and the word “dog” is projected on the right-hand page. Children can rearrange the story by changing the sequence of the cards, by adding new ones or by removing some of the ones they have used.