Gold Creative Showcase Award at ACE 2015,  Record, Play, Go… Cristina Sylla, Eva Oliveira Gonçalves, Joaquim Dantas, Vítor Carvalho, Pedro Branco, Iskandar, Malaysia, 12th International Conference Advances in Computer Entertainment.

Golden Award for best demo at ACE 2014, 
Meet The Frumbles – A Post-Digital Toy Orchestra, Luis Fraga, António Coelho, Pedro Branco, Funchal, Madeira, 11th International Conference Advances in Computer Entertainment.

2014 QED Designee for the "Bridging Book", Digital Book Awards

World Technology Award 2013: entertainment , t-words, Cristina Sylla, Sérgio Gonçalves, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho.

 'Work in Progress Paper' at Videojogos 2013 for "Playable and Collaborative Art: the MonMazes case-study", Ana Carina Figueiredo, Marco Heleno, Nelson Zagalo and Pedro Branco.

Golden Award for best demo at ACE 2012, t-words, Cristina Sylla, Sérgio Gonçalves, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho, Kathmandu, Nepal, 9th International Conference Advances in Computer Entertainment.

Finalist in Prémio Nacional de Indústrias Criativas III Unicer Laboratório Criativo VI 2011, TOK, Cristina Sylla, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho, Nelson Zagalo, Eduarda Coquet, 

“Atreve-te 2010” Business project by Rudolfo Quintas awarded 2nd prize in the TMN sponsored national contest 

Awarded with Artistic Production Incentive at VIDA 13.0 TELEFONICA, AMONG (2010) by Sérgio Soares Ferreira.

PREMIO Zon 2008, special Mention in Multimedia Contents, VIRTUALLY BRUSHING my TOOTH (2008) by Cristina Sylla and Heduino Rodrigues, 

PREMIO Zon 2008,  Finalist Diploma in ApplicationsYMYI - You move you interact (2008) by João Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa.

PREMIO Zon 2008, Finalist Diploma in Multimedia Content, PAINTING with the Four Elements (2008) by Jorge Sousa, Nuno Nogueira and Heduino Rodrigues.


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