Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round   TACTEC
Merry Go Round is a mixed-reality interface, in which a carrousel-like platform carries a set of wooden figures from the physical world into a game running inside a tablet, bringing them back to the physical world again by further rotating the platform.   TACTEC is Transforming Art and Culture Through Engagement and Construction. Within this project we’re developing a new communication model to be used in art museums.  
Kids Project   Bridging Book
O Kids Project é uma iniciativa piloto para criação de um espaço de desenho, desenvolvimento e avaliação de tecnologias de e para crianças. 

Kids Project is a local pilot initiative which intends to create a design, development and evaluation space for technologies with and for children.
  A mix media picture book that blurs the line between physical and electronic books. Thumbing through the physical book displays synchronized content on the tablet. The physical book requires no batteries or wires.
T-Words   Câmara Neuronal
Blocks to draw, record audio and snap together to playback the sound. Children can explore sounds, words and sentences.   A neuro-audio-visual performance that unfolds itself around the confessions and reminiscences of a socially alienated character performed by Adolfo Lúxuria Canibal.
T-Books   TALK
An electronic board, a book with slots and a set of picture cards that children place on the book to interact and explore the narrative. t-books offers an environment where children can play with the language elements, while engaging as story authors   A digital version of a traditional flannel board composed of a textile based support and a hidden interface that support children interaction through storytelling.
NUVE   A Sleeping Bag for Good Night Stories
A scenic spectacle driven by an interactive and generative digital artifact, designed to reveal the emergence of virtual characters, auto discovered and experienced in moments of artistic creation, exploring artificial extensions of what makes us human.   A sleeping bag-based for children to create their own bedtime stories. In the design process we explored the merging of electronic components with soft conductive materials such as thread, yarn and fabric, combined with textiles, traditional manufacturing and software.
TOK   Processing Social Signals
A platform for preschool children to create their own stories, it consists of a platform with slots for placing cards, and a set of picture cards. The platform can be connected with a computer through USB. When the picture cards are placed on the slots, they trigger animations on the computer screen.   Understand the relevance of social signals in HCI contexts, identifying the set of social signals most relevant to user experience, ability to execute tasks, and interaction incidents, with the focus on computationally easy to detect social signals.