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Transforming Art and Culture Through Engagement and Construction

TACTEC started from the development of a multimedia prototype with the aim to create a new communication model to be used in art museums. Museums have demonstrated, in the last two decades, a great opening to the participation of the public through direct actions such as workshops and also through the introduction of new technologies. The model here presented intends to generate the construction of learning possibilities in the reading and consolidation of knowledge about the artworks. This construction is generated in the relation between the public and the artwork in its digital version. 

TACTEC is a tangible table that allows the public to directly interact with the elements (characters, objects, scenários) from the artworks presented in the walls of the museum. TACTEC permits an appropriation of the artwork through assemblage and collage logics. Through the interaction, made within processes of construction and reconstruction of the artwork, the public is put though creative processes behind each artworks gaining new insights about the work presented. We believe the public that was before seen as mere passive spectator, might live in the museum a unique experience, now as participant, and also as creator.

Object of study: The study object of this project is the fruition of the painting from its appropriation in a tangible surface. With this model we intend to investigate new engagement ways to approach the work of art.

Team: Raquel Barros Pinto, Lia Oliveira, Nelson Zagalo